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Psyllium husk & powder.

Psyllium is a form of fiber made from the husks of the Plantago ovata plant’s seeds.


HS Code 12119032

Psyllium husk is white fibrous material derived from the outer coating of the psyllium seed, like the bran layer of grains. The husk of Psyllium is the actual coating of mucilage around the seed. It is considered pure dietary fiber and is the only part of the plant used in manufacturing Psyllium products.There are several species of psyllium, but the seed husks from Plantago ovata, also known as blonde psyllium, are the best quality and have the highest fiber content.Psyllium husk consists of the epidermis and the collapsed adjacent layers removed from the dried ripe seeds of Plantago Ovata. Psyllium Husks is valued for it’s Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals and Medicinal application. It is generally treated as a laxative in the world market.
Scientific name: Plantago psyllium
Psyllium husk’s varieties (Types):
1) Psyllium Husk 60%
2) Psyllium Husk 70%
3) Psyllium Husk 80%
4) Psyllium Husk 85%
5) Psyllium Husk 90%
6) Psyllium Husk 95%
7) Psyllium Husk 98%
8) Psyllium Husk 99%
9) Psyllium Husk 99% pure white
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