Zedoary Roots

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Zedoary Roots.

Zedoary root possesses the odor of camphor and the taste of slightly bitter ginger.


HS Code 12119045

In many parts of India, Zedoary is referred to as Ambhalad, owing to its mango-like (Amb) fragrance. Because of its appearance and close relation to the regular turmeric, white turmeric is also a common name for the aromatic spice. Indigenous to India and Indonesia, Zedoary roots have a brown skin and are bright yellowish-orange when cut up. They have a warm, ginger-like flavour and a bitter aftertaste. Chewing on raw Zedoary roots turns your saliva yellow. Zedoary roots are ground into a paste to be put in Indian curries and sea food marinating. As the milder option, it is often used in place of ginger or turmeric. Many varieties of salads in Thailand and liquor in Europe also make use of Zedoary. Zedoary aids in treating stomach and respiratory disorders. These roots also have antidiabetic and anticancer properties.

Scientific name: Curcuma zedoaria
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