Hulled Sesame Seeds

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Hulled Sesame Seeds.

Hulled Sesame seeds are good source of calcium, proteins, vitamins, Iron, phosphorus and dietary fiber.


HS Code 12074090

The natural sesame seed undergoes an initial screening and thorough cleaning, assuring a clean seed ready for hulling. Hulled sesame seed undergo a low temperature physical hulling during which no additives or chemicals are used. This process implies that the seed contains all its natural richness and flavor while it only loses its skin. Removal of the skin makes the seed softer and better digestible..

Mechanically hulled sesame seed enriches bakery and confectionary products. it is also the basis for our creamy, sweet wholesome tahini. Our Hulled Sesame Seeds, is processed from selected Natural Sesame Seeds of GUJARAT Origin (considered to be the best among all sesame verities worldwide) going through several processing stages. For hulling purpose, we select premium grade natural sesame seed and clean it to 99.99% purity. Thus we get Bold, Uniform and Aromatic Hulled Sesame with highest purity and natural freshness.
Scientific name: Sesamum indicum
Hulled Sesame Seeds varieties (Types):
1) Sesame Seed Hulled 99.90%
2) Sesame Seed Hulled 99.95%
3) Sesame Seed Hulled 99.98%
4) Sesame Seed Hulled 99.99% Premium
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